Keeping track of software quality while working from home


Chances are during the pandemic your teams all transitioned into working remotely. If so: Communication is key in working efficiently and goal oriented, but the stress working from home may hold back your teams and limit their performance. Do they miss the informal chitchat about the current projects around the watercooler or coffee machine? When teams are developing remotely it’s more important than ever to have proper team alignment on the architecture & design of the project. How to facilitate the team that they stick to agreed architectural principles?

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Solmate confidently takes over Interstaff after objective code review

In the summer of 2020, Solmate took over software developer Interstaff. Prior to the takeover, Solmate wanted assurance that Interstaff’s code and processes met the relevant requirements. A thorough, independent code review by the quality consultants from BonCode provided certainty, reassurance and focus.


Based in Den Bosch (NL), Solmate specializes in optimizing the financial processes and results of medium to large organizations. In recent years, the company has grown to become the largest expertise center in the Netherlands with regard to Unit4 Financials (previously CODA).


In the summer of 2020, Solmate announced that it would start offering software in addition to services. Earlier the company had taken over Interstaff, the developer of Crescendo. “Crescendo enables users of Unit4 Financials to automate numerous common tasks. Virtually all our clients use Crescendo to automatically read, process, and reconcile bank statements”, says Harry Nap, Managing Director of Solmate.

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How function point analysis helps the management of low-code software development projects

function point analysis in boncode dashboard

Function points, aren’t these something from the mainframe and client-server time? Old-fashioned, labour-intensive, inaccurate and unpopular? These are reactions that might arise when it comes to discussing function point analysis. For those less familiar with it: Function points are a volume measure of how much functionality a software system has (or how much functionality needs to be built).

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BonCode is op zoek naar Code Quality Consultants

BonCode is op zoek naar Code Quality Consultants:


Help de software van onze klanten robuust te krijgen en te houden


boncode tooling


Code Quality Consultant bij BonCode


BonCode is op zoek naar Code Quality Consultants. De BonCode Code Quality Consultant beantwoordt onderzoeksvragen van onze klanten aangaande hun softwareontwikkelingsprojecten.  Zo’n vraag is bijvoorbeeld: “Wat is de huidige kwaliteit van mijn software?  En kan de software in de komende jaren tegen redelijke kosten worden onderhouden door een externe partij?”  Of:  “Wat zijn de risico’s als ik mijn software systeem naar de cloud migreer?”

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Boncode provides GVB with software quality measurements

scherm EBS systeem GVB

The quality of software requires constant attention.

GVB is a Dutch public transport company. It contributes to accessibility, quality of life and mobility for people in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Responsibilities include taking care of the journey, management and maintenance of the rails and vehicles. Well-performing software is essential for this to work properly and safely. BonCode was asked during the development of new software for the Exploitation Management System (EBS) to regularly conduct independent Code Reviews and objectively measure and assess the quality of the software.

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