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Software rules the world. In an ever changing world, having a less than top fit Software environment hinders your business, leading to less agility, high cost or security risk. We assess and monitor your software investments through software quality. We provide insights to all levels of your organisation, from the software engineers up to board room, helping them to control and manage the software portfolio.


“While trust is a good thing, we believe strategic software systems should be managed based on facts.”





Independent IT Due Diligence

The facts provided by BonCat, together with the years of experience of our consultants will lead to guaranteed insights on maintainability and advice on issues. We use a scalable method to tailor to your specific needs.



Software Quality Monitoring

Facilitate fact-based discussion by having a single ground truth throughout the whole project. From software engineer to project manager to board room, relevant data is aggregated and presented.


“We believe measuring software quality periodically should be one of the important drivers in decision making and risk management.”










Fact-based Software Risk Assessment

Address insecurities regarding software maintainability in an instant following the ISO 25010 standard.


All levels in the organisation provided with the right information to facilitate decision-making.



What people say

I think BonCode is a fantastic company full of enthousiasm and a drive for optimalization.


8 / 10

I don’t think I have ever been more satisfied in my life. Prefer this service over any other service.

11 / 10

Could’ve been better, but it was cheap so we went with it.


6 / 10

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Our services are applicable to many different scenarios in many sectors such as Public Sector, Finance, Logistics and High Tech. The first phase of the software assessment is always finding out your specific needs and questions. Each organisation is unique and each software project is unique, so every software assessment we do is uniquely tailored to that project.



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Do you still have questions or are you unsure about how we can help you with your project? Get in touch with Harm Garvelink, he would love to get to know you and find out how we can be of service to you.



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