Boncode provides GVB with software quality measurements

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The quality of software requires constant attention.

GVB is a Dutch public transport company. It contributes to accessibility, quality of life and mobility for people in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Responsibilities include taking care of the journey, management and maintenance of the rails and vehicles. Well-performing software is essential for this to work properly and safely. BonCode was asked during the development of new software for the Exploitation Management System (EBS) to regularly conduct independent Code Reviews and objectively measure and assess the quality of the software.

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Boncode provides Uniper with code review for OutSystems system

RoCa Uniper

Fact-based insight into pain points as a basis for improvement

Uniper is a global energy company with around 11,000 employees and active in more than 40 countries. The activities range from generating energy and taking care of transport and trade to realizing client-specific energy solutions. Uniper Benelux has been working with the low-code platform OutSystems for many years. The development and management of these systems is carried out by Uniper themselves. BonCode has been asked to perform a Code Review on one of Uniper’s business-critical systems.Read More

Boncode offers Vopak insight into the quality of their OutSystems applications

The Hague, January 15, 2019

After a successful Proof of Concept, Vopak has selected BonCode to provide them with metrics that provide insight into the quality of the developed OutSystems applications.Read More

Software Architecture Oft-Neglected

In developing agile software, the attention is strongly focused on functionality that is visible to the (end) user. Attention to the longevity of software is limited even in the best of cases to improving source code based on the findings of statistical code analysis.


Conversely, maintenance and usability for the long term are strongly determined by the quality of the software’s architecture. The degree to which the architecture has been implemented in the code will have a greater impact on product quality than the quantifiable quality of the source code.


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