The Revival of Function Point Analysis is Here

added and removed function points

Even though the technology and methods exist for over almost half a century now, Function Point Analysis (FPA) is back. The rising popularity of FPA is no surprise. The world of low-code software languages might be the cause.


“High productivity claims by low-code platforms can be supported by fact-based results from Function Point Analysis.”


Several improvements have been made to the BonCode Function Point Analysis (FPA) processes. It now enables you to closely monitor the Productivity of your teams.

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Productivity measurement using Function Point Analysis

productivity metrics boncode

Create meaningful discussions with the support of fact-based automated function point analysis (FPA). The FPA, together with time tracking data from your software teams, can provide useful metrics such as the productivity of your teams.


Visualize how much functionality gets added over time and get insights in how to balance product quality and speed of development. Support the choice of a specific technology with facts on development speed and software quality.

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Keeping track of software quality while working from home


Chances are during the pandemic your teams all transitioned into working remotely. If so: Communication is key in working efficiently and goal oriented, but the stress working from home may hold back your teams and limit their performance. Do they miss the informal chitchat about the current projects around the watercooler or coffee machine? When teams are developing remotely it’s more important than ever to have proper team alignment on the architecture & design of the project. How to facilitate the team that they stick to agreed architectural principles?

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How function point analysis helps the management of low-code software development projects

function point analysis in boncode dashboard

Function points, aren’t these something from the mainframe and client-server time? Old-fashioned, labour-intensive, inaccurate and unpopular? These are reactions that might arise when it comes to discussing function point analysis. For those less familiar with it: Function points are a volume measure of how much functionality a software system has (or how much functionality needs to be built).

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