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Boncode helps organizations make their digital transformation manageable, profitable and future viability based on fact-based analysis of software quality. Promising and reliable technology is becoming increasingly more important in our digital society. Cloud, IoT and Mobile innovations offer possibilities for new products, new services and the optimization of existing processes.

This digital transformation places high demands on the technical quality of your software as well. Fact-based information on the qualitative state of their application portfolio is absolutely vital to a CIO or IT manager to make well-founded decisions regarding current or new software systems.

Boncode specializes in supplying this fact-based information through the measurement, visualization, and optimization of applications’ technical software quality. Visualization applies to the architecture in place within existing software systems. The quality of the code and architecture, after all, will determine the system’s maintainability and future viability. Our metrics and tooling are aimed at measuring source code quality based on ISO 25010 standards to detect issues such as technical debt.

From our inception, we have worked for clients in traditional custom environments including Java, C#, Javascript, C++ and many more. In response to growing demand from our clients, we added the low-code platform OutSystems to our services in 2018.

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