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BonCode is a young company that is comprised of experienced people. Our highly-educated staff have knowledge of both software development and the corporate and contractual context in which software is used. Because we are an independent organization, we are in a position to provide objective, fact-based advice.


The management team of BonCode consists of four people:

Jan Willem Klerkx

General Manager

Jan Willem has a degree in technical business and has worked in the software industry, in mainly commercial positions, since 1992. Jan Willem has also held executive positions with PAC Informatisering, Arthur Andersen and Imtech. After that, he was Commercial Manager and Co-owner of the Software Improvement Group. He acted as Commercial manager and co-owner of Euvision Technologies, which was acquired by Qualcomm in mid-2014. As of 2016, Jan Willem co-owned Scyfer and was responsible for all commercial activities. Scyfer was acquired by Qualcomm in August 2017. Jan Willem works as a startup coach with Yes!Delft, ACE Venture Labs Amsterdam and Orange Grove Patras (Greece).


Jeroen Meetsma

Chief Technology Officer

Jeroen’s greatest passions are automating systems and ensuring software quality. He has 20 years of experience in realizing large scale software enterprises as developer, architect and manager. He was also the driving force behind the restructuring of the largest grocer’s online delivery service in The Netherlands. Having spent some time as a technical consultant with the Software Improvement Group, he decided to turn his full concentration to restructuring software.


Joost Koen

Operations Manager

Joost has 32 years of experience in the software industry and management advice. His start was in the field of artificial intelligence and later became a partner/manager at PAC Informatisering. For the last 15 years, Joost Koen has been working as a management consultant. He has commercial and substantial IT expertise in the financial, manufacturing, healthcare and government sectors.


Harm Garvelink

Director of Sales and Business Development

Harm has held commercial positions in the software, hardware and managed services industry since 1994. From 2010 on, he led Sales teams within BT. Next, as General Manager from 2015 to 2017, Harm was responsible for overseeing the international growth of BT Security in Italy, Spain, France and the Benelux. He has a passion for working in environments where ICT is substantively contributing to improving operations.


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