Designing a Software Quality System

A client who uses our tooling calls it “the next step in Agile”. It integrates measurement, analysis and steering of software quality in the usual Agile approach. Creating a software quality system adds crucial elements: focus and grip on the product, on future viability.

First, we create an inventory of your current situation: the IT-related processes, management of the IT function, the technical environment and any supporting tools. Based on this inventory, we (in close cooperation with your people) draft a proposal for software quality tooling, feedback processes and visualization which can can be integrated into the existing (Agile) working method. The goal is not only to manage the production process, but to achieve considered, targeted management of the software product’s quality as well.

The quality system includes a technical cycle and what is known as a feedback cycle. The technical cycle focuses on measurement, plug-ins and tooling. The feedback cycle, on the other hand, concentrates on cooperation and the actual management of software development based on measured software quality.

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