Automated Code Measurement

Be in control through monitoring

An IT project is managed based on monitoring Progress and Budget. Boncode is adding a third one: monitoring on Software Quality. By monitoring Software Quality you will be in control of:

  • The maintainability of your IT portfolio.
  • Performance of your teams.
  • The implemented architecture (important for future flexiblity).
  • Performance of your supplier.


Be in control by asking Boncode to measure your applications using BONcat, Boncode’s proven code analysis tooling. The results and suggestions for improvement are presented in user friendly dashboards. OutSystems applications are measured and monitored by a dedicated version of BONcat. The OutSystems metrics are based on the Best Practices as defined by OutSystems and common practices and experiences from both customers and partners.


Facilitate your teams to be in control while using the Engineering Dashboard. This will speed up the refactory process and increases quality awareness.


Stay in control through measuring your applications continuously. You will get a user licence of BONcat including automated measurement and dashboards for presentation of results. Dashboards can be modified in line with your way of working.

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Code Review

Get insights through our Code Review

What about the quality of your applications? What about the future performance, flexibility or scalability? What about the software delivered by your suppliers. Is it future proof?


Get insight through an independent expert opinion of the specialists of Boncode: the Code Review. Boncode uses dedicated and proven tooling combined with 20+ years of experience with the impact of software quality on mission critical systems. Get insight in your code quality and implemented architecture. During the Code Review findings will be validated with the engineers of the customer.


Results are presented to stakeholders and will be documented. The deeplink between detailed results in the tooling and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) makes teams can speed up refactoring.


Improve your business based on the recommendations of the Code Review.

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Business Impact Analysis

Decide fact-based through our Business Impact Analysis

One of the most important carriers of your business strategy is your IT portfolio. To decide you need fact-based information:

  • What to do with our legacy systems?
  • Is our portfolio cloud ready?
  • Do we implement the right architecture?
  • Do we invest based on the right assumptions with regard to software quality?


During the Business Impact Analysis the involved IT systems will be analyzed in the context of your business strategy. Findings and risks are presented and validated with different stakeholders of your organization, both from a technical and business perspective. Make decisions based on facts.

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