Why Boncode

A major problem in software development is stalling productivity; projects grinding to a halt. Mostly due to declining maintainability, also known as technical debt. Under pressure, developers cut corners. Increasing the size and complexity to a point that the software can no longer be adapted efficiently. BonCode can help prevent these problems.



Where BonCode comes in

BonCode offers executives the insights they need to manage teams effectively and to make strategic decisions. We use our BonCat tool for static code analysis to underpin advice  with a fact-based foundation. We interpret gathered objective data and translate it into actionable advice suited to your business context.


“Tools that measure indications of poor maintainability are aimed at developers. They do not deliver practical management information.”

J. Meetsma, CTO of BonCode




We’ve developed the BonCat Analyzer initially to support our tool-based consultancy. BonCat offers a standardized quality rating that is used to compare software developed in different programming languages and to get equalized trends over time. Analysis results in Application Dashboards, which are used to explore findings in detail.


BonCat Portal is used for continuous monitoring. Primarily it offers automated periodic analysis of applications. But integration in the deployment pipeline is also possible. Additionally it offers high-level portfolio dashboards for executives who can act upon deviating trends. Engineers can use it to browse Application Dashboards while investigating bottlenecks or to find quick wins to improve their code.

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